company profile

    HBIS Group core company—Han-Steel was established and put into operation in 1958 and now Han-Steel has herself developed into one important high-quality plate and strip production base in great China after over half a century of hard work and has comprehensively possessed an annual steel production capacity of 10 million tons with the total assets of 61.8 billion Yuan and annual sales revenues of more than 35.0 billion Yuan.

    In the nineties of the last century initiatively market-oriented Han-Steel actively implemented and progressively deepen the operating mechanism " simulating the market accounting and the executing the cost-veto " with the creation of the nationally honored "Han-Steel experiences" and being an example of "the red flag in national industrial fronts "

    With the stepping into the new century Han-Steel sped up the paces of  revamping and upgrading the traditional processes and equipments with high and advanced applicable technologies, and consecutively the CSP Plant with an annual output of 2.5 million tons , the Cold Rolling Complex with an annual output of 1.3 million tons and a large other number of international advanced equipment in Han-Steel New Zone were put into operation.Han-steel products are widely used in the fields of automotive , home appliances , construction , ship building , aerospace , machinery manufacturing、petrochemical , etc. and in many national key projects.

    Prospectively Han-Steel shall keep to the guidance of scientific development and speed up the projects building of the phrase II in New Zone and the projects revamping of the old existing areas with the goals of bringing into vigorously fine managements, and creating the comprehensively and scientifically developing business model , strongly promoting energy-saving emission reduction with the achievement of harmonious coexistence in nature,steel and human being ..

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